Amazing pre-wedding shoots are the best way to connect with your chosen wedding photographer, prior to your wedding day. Not everyone likes their photo to be taken, me included, you might wonder what to do, where to look, or even what to wear, don’t worry I’m here to dispel any preconceptions you might have about a pre-wedding shoot with tips and practical advice on how to get the best from your session.

Bring Your Vibe…

I totally understand that having a professional photographer taking your picture is not an everyday occurrence, if it were it would be a bit weird, right?

Try and approach the session from a fun point of view and think about the time you get to spend with each other experiencing something new and exciting together, relax and let me work my creativity and imagination.

You Be you…

Relax, breathe, and enjoy the moment. When I meet up with couples, we initially chat about their wedding plans, family, friends, and anything really to get the banter going. We will often just start walking and talking until I find a nice place to take a couple of shots and from there it flows effortlessly, before you know it 1-2 hours have passed and we’ve got some amazing images in the bag. Keeping it simple like this allows you to be yourselves, which in turn produces natural, fun, and beautiful photographs of you, as a couple.

Make It Personal To You…

It’s your time together so make it personal to you. The location might have a personal meaning to you, it could be where you had your first walk, coffee, drink, or even your first City break you experienced together. Choosing a location that means something to you as a couple will make it even more memorable for you both. So wherever that might be, count me in.

Check My Availability

So, If you want to find out more about an amazing pre wedding shoot, Please contact me to check my availability for pre-wedding shoots here

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