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So continuing with my autumn/winter 2018 wedding season, I’m taking you back to Chris and Kirsty’s, October, autumnal wedding day at the fabulous Mount Pleasant Hotel wedding venue.

The Mount Pleasant hotel is a fantastic wedding venue, situated halfway between Doncaster and Bawtry. I myself got married here 15 years ago!

Mark Crayden Photography

Mount pleasant Hotel Wedding

Ok, on with the wedding day story. With the prospect of an outdoor ceremony on the cards, Kirsty was adamant come rain or shine that the ceremony would go head outside regardless of the impending forecast of rain!

Mark Crayden Photography

I loved Kirsty’s attitude, “It’s are wedding day and this is how it’s going to be!” Brilliant! Soon enough all the guests had arrived and were taking their seats in the outside ceremony area, coats and umbrellas at the ready!

Mark Crayden Photography

The ceremony was beautiful, (no rain) you really got the sense that these two are a perfect match for each other, smiling and laughing all the way through the ceremony. With the signing of the registrar complete the new Mr  & Mrs Hancock made their way up the aisle, high fiving their friends as they went!

With bucks fizz in hand, and the formal photos in the bag, friends and family relaxed into this joyous day. There was just time to whisk Chris & Kirsty away for 20 mins for their couple portrait photos

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Just Married

Mark Crayden Photography


Up next were the speeches! What can I say? Everyone was bent double laughing, listening to Chris’s brother recalling stories of their childhood upbringing and a lovely well-scripted story about Kirsty’s underwear!! Brilliant!

Mark Crayden Photography

Party Time

It’s great when couples put on live musicians for their wedding guests, especially when you have a talented saxophonist like Sarah-Sax pumping out those soulful tunes!

Mark Crayden Photography

Around 10pm I packed my gear up and said my goodbyes, leaving the packed dance floor behind. What an amazing wedding day. Chris & Kirsty thanks for having me along, you two were brilliant all day!

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