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A winter wedding at Hooton Pagnell Hall

Hooton Pagnell Hall is a very special place to have your wedding day, not just because of the beautiful house and surrounding gardens and not mentioning the amazing Tithe Barn, which I just did, no, it’s because Nick & Ella are so bloody caring and genuinely lovely people, this is not just a wedding venue where they get you in and get you out like some sort of conveyer belt, Nick & Ella genuinely care about you as a couple and generally go up and beyond to make sure your wedding day is super special……

Like with all my couples I’m always eager to meet them before the wedding just to get to know them a little better and to hear first-hand all about their wedding plans. This meeting is normally at the couple’s house or at my home in Doncaster. On this occasion it was to be at Shane & Alice’s house in Doncaster, these meetings normally last for about an hour and half this generally gives me plenty of time to have a good natter about their wedding plans. From the moment Shane answered the door at around 6.30 pm I knew instantly that me and this couple would really get on, we chattered about family, music, running and the fact Shane had a remarkable resemblance to Robbie Williams not just in looks but in voice too!. I think it was past midnight when I eventually left…

So the day of the wedding soon came to be, Alice was getting ready at their family home whilst Shane was scrubbing himself up at the Hall, the weather outside was drizzly rain but that didn’t seem to matter, everyone was in high spirits

The wedding ceremony took place in the cosy summer house, which is just a short walk away from the main Hall

With the formalities sealed Shane & Alice literally skipped up the aisle and burst through the exit doors, hands in the air styleeee, followed by their beaming family and friends. I can’t remember a time when Alice was not smiling from cheek to cheek the love and joy surrounding this family was palpable

I ‘m always conscious of taking my couples away from their guests for too long 10-15 minutes is all I need to capture some awesome portrait photos, then it’s back to the party and all that good real stuff!…

With the emotional and tearful speeches wrapped up it was time to get this wedding party moving, an impromptu flash dance ensued choreographed in secret and practiced for the last 6 weeks by Shanes sister Sofia, brilliant!!!

Live music always goes down well at weddings, especially when it’s a band like the South West band banging out the hits the dance floor, needless to say, was mobbed for the rest of the night

The atmosphere was electric as young and old got down on it. Shirts ripped open, ties wrapped around heads this lot knew how to party and I was right there with them, in the thick of it, just where I like to be

Mark Crayden Photography

I absolutely loved everything about this wedding it was perfect. I can honestly say I have made new friends for life with Shane & Alice, in fact, me and Shane are off to see The Killers play live this year…(That’s a lie, I think COVID 19 will put a stop to that!)

What a wedding!. So much fun, Thanks for having me along…


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